Dunbar is a wonderful collection of single family homes, greenspaces and tree-lined streets. Some of the earliest homes in this area are designed in the English Arts and Crafts and the Edwardian Building styles. Many of the homes were built before 1920 and remain as single family homes to this day. The Haigler House at 3537 W. 30th Avenue is a good example of such a building. Community support prompted its preservation.


It is a high class neighbourhood with a fairly large population. Its boundries go from Blenheim St to Camosun St (East to West), and W.16th ave to W.41st ave (North to South). That is close to 125 square blocks. Dunbar also has one of the largest average household incomes.


Schools in this area consist of the amazing private school St. George’s (for boys) and 3 elementary schools: Lord Kitchener, Southlands, and Queen Elizabeth (Annex). There are 2 main parks in Dunbar: Chaldecoot Park and Memorial Park West. The entire West boundary of Dunbar lines the University Endowment Lands and even incorporates some of them into its boundaries.


Dunbar St is a remarkable street lined with shops, theatres, parks and a community centre. It is a great strolling street with many mom and pop shops and unique retail stores still in business.